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We have over 60 member families with a wide variety of ages, car ownership and interests. We are diverse in terms of background. There are many different professions represented. (You can even find advice about non-auto subjects). Many families enjoy club activities together. The common bond is, of course, our love of cars, especially Mustangs of all years. The club members own Mustangs of all six generations.

Many of our members own other Ford cars and trucks. Several of our members have one Mustang to drive and one or more in the process of restoration. The number of Non-Mustang car owners is smaller, but still significant. The quality of our cars varies widely. There are some national champion show cars, many daily drivers, and some in between. Shelbys, Cobras, and Saleens are all well represented.

Club members possess varying degrees of mechanical , electrical, and auto-body skills as well as detailed knowledge on restoration techniques. We are always eager to help members who are restoring their cars. Membership entitles one to parts discounts at sponsoring dealerships. Members enjoy reading /writing articles for our monthly newsletter which chronicle events they have attended, awards they have received and progress on restoration projects.