Show Judging

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The club uses a 200 point scale for most judged classes in our summer show. Teams of two judges per class are hand picked for their knowledge of the class they are evaluating. Judges will ask permission to look into the interior, engine bay and trunk of your car. Judges will not be responsible for opening trunks, hoods or locked doors to vehicles. If the judges do not have access to those areas they will have no choice but to deduct ALL points for that particular area.Judges

Cars are primarily checked for Quality of Workmanship, Condition and Cleanliness. While strict originality is not required some points may be awarded for cars reflecting factory OEM parts. Cars with more than six major modifications may be suggested to compete in “modified classes”. Examples are custom wheels, hoods, paint, engine dress up, or custom interior mods. The under carriage is not judged in daily driver classes.

Concours class cars are judged to MCA standards and will be given awards of excellence if they meet MCA standards. New Cars of the current model year and the prior year are judged by popular vote or celebrity choice. All classes of three cars or more will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies custom made to reflect the theme of the current years show.